Over her

I am finally over my Ex. It’s such a great feeling. I was always worried that I would easily fall back and she could just text me one thing and I would be back at her feet. Yet I know for a fact I am over her. I am happier without her. I feel better about myself and it’s not like I am lonely. This weekend I went out to a play and meet a cute chick that gave me her number and then went to a few party’s and had other people ask me for my number and all. This seem like it’s not a big deal but this was really the first time it has happen to me. I am finally becoming the confident man I always wanted to be.

Crazy night

Friday night was the last night at my house before I moved back home. So of course I got super shitty drunk and then did donuts in my backyard and ran into the fence. Lucky was boss/bestfriend was there to pull my car out. Also texted my Ex to come over and hang out and she said she would but all ready had plans. Which is super weird because almost the first time talking to her in a month. Friday night was a weird and super funny and fun night.

Life is just throwing some heavy shit at me right now. Moving home isn’t what I had plan yet I will be saving some extra money. My ex has been laying heavy on my mind recently for some reason. My love life is no where. Just want something to go my way.


I used to date this girl for almost 6 months this time, yet we have been on and off for almost 5 years. I broke up with her because I had trust issues with her and I didn’t think she cared about anyone but herself. She now has become bestfriends with my roommate that I am not close with or even friends with anymore. I feel as if they are just trying to “hurt” me. I see her often enough but when we do see each other she acts as if I am nothing, and I never was anything to her. 

What is hard for me to wrap my head around is how someone can just drop and not care about them anymore so fast when they use to “love them”. She acts as if i am nothing, not even a person anymore. I am not even really upset about this I just don’t know how you can do so much and love someone so much and they just turn their backs on you. All I can really say is that I wish things would have worked out differently. 


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